Samstag, 21. April 2012

Swamp Thing - Demo 2006

I know, Swamp Thing are not really an unknown band, but their demo is pretty underrated/unknown. That's a shame because it's my favorite release from them. If you ask me, they dimished a little more (musically and lyrically) with every new record they've put out . I wish progression would have skipped them over!
I was 16 (or maybe had just turned 17?) when I first heard them and it immediately blew me away. The anger, the speed, the passion and above all, the lyrics. They were just as pissed off at the world as I was.

Too pissed off and I don’t know why
Too stressed out I could almost die
Parents expecting too much of me
I’m not a fucking trophy just leave me be
I’ll never wear a shirt and tie
The Bush administration I will not buy
So fuck your van and your soccer team
I’ll never make it alone in the county
I’m sorry mom, I’m sorry dad
For whatever future you thought I had
College, Eagle Scout, what the fuck?
Stress cracks are forming, and not from my trucks
One more thing and I’ll lose my mind
Eighteen is coming up and I can’t stop time
Not too long before I’m told to move on
Eighteen is coming up and I’m barely holding on.
Will not live life in a cube
Will not wear the corporate noose
Will not achieve your dreams.
Your dreams are just as fucked as mine


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