Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

Hard Stripes, Peacebreakers, The Flex, Violent Reaction

4 Bands, 1 Post!
4 really cool, more or less, new bands that only have a demo out by now. I recommend you to download all 4, because if you don't know these bands you're missing out.

Hard Stripes are a band from Richmond featuring members of Hounds Of Hate, Creem and Fire & Ice. The intro of the demo is the American National Anthem and the last riff of the demo is a 'Crucified' rip off, so I think you know what you're getting here. Shave your head and swing chains at hippies.

Peacebreakers are a band from Boston featuring members of Boston Stranger, Waste Management, Scapegoat etc.. They play early 80's influenced hardcore punk in the vein of Negative Approach.

The Flex are a band from Leeds, UK, they play early 80's Boston influenced hardcore in the vein of Impact Unit or DYS. The demo was recorded in their basement with karaoke mics.

Violent Reaction from Liverpool, UK started as a one man project, but it looks like it's becoming more and more a real band. "More influenced by Discharge, Poison Idea and Blitz than the likes of Youth Of Today, VR is for those who like their straight edge hardcore a little more antisocial"

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