Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Sex Drive - Urban Predator EP

Sex Drive from Holland feature members of numerous legendary bands from the Benelux countries like Mainstrike, Justice, Downslide and so on. But STOP, forget about that, because Sex Drive is nothing like any of the bands mentioned before. Sex Drive are playing raw, raging fast early 80's hardcore punk that leaves nothing but chaos in your head and the urge to click play over and over again. 
To quote SWNK: "If I didn’t knew the guys in the band I would expect them to be big bald guys with hardly any teeth, wearing torn up jeans, Doc Martens and patches of Negative Approach and Necros."
Now don't be a poser, download what is for sure one of the best records this year already. Also, buy it if you like it, first press is limited to 200 copies.

Edit: I fixed the link.

Buy from Sex Drive's Big Cartel
Buy from CRR

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