Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

Habitual Offender - S/T Tape

Habitual Offender is a two man powerviolence project of Kyle DeVille aka Senor Bubbles (GTM, GBNF, Growing Stronger) and Ian Shelton (Stress X Relief, Drug Culture). I can't tell you who of them is playing which instrument on the tape, but I can tell you that both are doing vocals. First I thought it was a guy and a girl doing vocals, but well, when I first heard Get The Most I wasn't too sure if it's a guy or a girl singing either. But don't get me wrong, you can't compare his vocals in GTM to his vocals on this tape in the least. 7 songs in 3:38 min. If you like powerviolence you should really download this. It will come out on Mind Melt Records, if you like it buy a copy once it's out. Oh and this is not the whole tape as one mp3 file, like you get it in their bandcamp, I cut it into individual songs.


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