Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

Garbageman - Mad Future Demo

I bought this tape at the Creem/Nuclear Spring merch table on their recent euro tour. Members of Creem and Strop & Think play simple, slamable hardcore punk that really reminds me of UB/VIP-era Agnostic Front. Here's the description from Hysteria Records: "NYC's Garbageman (a.k.a. Earlobe). Hardcore. Straight edge. Anti-trend. This four song demo pays homage to the best and brightest of early Boston hardcore and old NYHC underground, chock full of spirit of youth. Four young men have channeled energy straight from the pages of Schism - mumbling the words, eyes rolled into the back of the head - and spun a whirling dervish of hardcore."

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