Donnerstag, 8. November 2012

Picked Clean - Discography

Party Punks Fuck Off! Midwest Wolfpack in full effect!
Why is this band so underrated/unkown?! I don't get it. Raging fast, ultra pissed and desperate hardcore from Indianapolis, somewhere between Let Down, Negative Approach and SSD. One of my favorite Bands around right now. This download includes their whole discography to this point (at least to my knowledge). Unfortunately the the song titles from their 2009 Demo are missing, if you know them please contact me (I know, a lot of the demo songs are also featured on the LSHR 7" but there are still 1 or 2 names missing). The tape from 2010 has no song titles either, but that's because there are no song titles at all on the tape. Other than the two tapes this download includes the Life Sucks Hardcore Rules 7" from 2010 and the S/T 7" from 2011.
My favorite release is the Life Sucks Hardcore Rules 7". When you listen to it you think that the only lyrics are "Fuck you, I'm sick of you!" and that's exectly what the music tells you. Actually it has more lyrics than that, you can check the lyrics for every release ,other than the Demo, on discogs.
You can still buy the S/T 7" from Six Feet Under Records, so do that if you like it.


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