Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012

Kremlin Discography (incl. 3 tracks of upcoming 12", a liveset with 2 other new songs, a comp track)

Okay, another one of my favorite bands around right now. Kremlin from Toronto, Canada play lo-fi (hardcore) punk that's somewhere between Discharge, Terveet Kädet and some obscure Japanese bands like Sexual or Sodom. This download includes their whole discography to this point (at least to my knowledge). It includes their 2 Demos, the 'Will You Feed Me' 7", the track 'Leave Nothing Alone' form the 'People Mostly Suck It' comp, a live set with really good sound quality from a radio show that includes 2 brand new songs, and a preview for their upcoming 12" that includes 3 new songs. Also they are on tour soon, go to a show if they play near you.

Buy the Will You Feed Me 7"

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