Sonntag, 7. April 2013

Kremlin - Drunk In The Gulag

Finally I'm holding it in my hands, the new Kremlin record. I pre-ordered it and was really looking forward to getting it, but got a little disillusioned when I realized that it will only contain 2 songs I hadn't heard before. There was the 3 song promo (which I really loved) they put online before, two other new songs were featured on the radio live set and then there are 3 old songs that have been already released on other releases. So I didn't expected too much new when I first put it on my record player...I was wrong! The 2 songs from the radio set sound more vicious on here than they did on the set, which was a little too clean overall. The 3 previously released songs all got re-recorded and fit the package really well + it's cool that 'Leave Nothing Alone' made it on an actual release (not just the comp tape) since it is one of my absolute favorite Kremlin songs. Without any doubt I can say that this is Kremlins best release to date!
I guess I had a lucky day, I found the mastered wav files for the 12" (2 files, side a and side b) on Slsk and just had to cut them. So you get the best possible sound, much better than a rip.
The Euro press is out now on Hardware Records and the US press will be out soon on Beach Imprediment / Bad Vibrations.
For older Kremlin stuff click here!

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