Samstag, 13. April 2013

Pesadilla Distopika - Demo 2013

I usually don't post any of the stuff people send me on here, since I made a pledge to myself when I started this blog, to only post stuff I really like. There are enough blogs out there that post all the random stuff they can get their hands on and that's fine with me, but for me it was always quality over quantity.

So, Pesadilla Distopika is the first random band I got an e-mail from that gets posted on here. They are a brand new band from Southern California, the demo got recorded just this month. What you get here are 5 songs (in 6:30min) of raging d-beat influenced hardcore punk with a Japanese touch. They remind me a bit of GLAM, but maybe that's only because of the Spanish lyrics, which are, according to the band, negative in content. There is definitely some other influence, but I'm a little slow on the uptake here, I can't put my finger on it right now. Maybe that's the the 'Californian Touch', since what strangely comes to mind my when I listen to the first track is the song 'Street War' by Cut The Line (who remembers? Haha). I only have one little complaint, the whole demo sounds pretty clean, I wouldn't mind a little more distortion and maybe some reverb vocals here and there. But maybe that's intentional, because too much distortion and reverb vocals is what every band seems to do these days. Nevertheless this is a really good demo! Download it, buy it, and if you're from California, go to a show! Oh, what I forgot to say, I really like the guitar work, especially the solo in the first song!

May 27th w/ SUDOR (Spain) and Kurakka (TX) @ the Loko Lounge in Mentone
June 25th w/ Gay Kiss (Arizona), POMV + more TBA @ SSHQ in Los Angeles
July 4th w/ La Urss (Spain) in Santa Ana @ TBA
July 11th w/ Stoic Violence (tour kick off) & Nasa Space Universe @ Unit B in Santa Ana

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