Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013


My first encounter with VVovnds was when a friend and I drove Antwerp, Belgium  last year to see Sectarian Violence play. It was a small show (maybe 20-30 people) in a really small basement room of a youth center or something. VVovnds played first and believe me, I never wished for earplugs at a show more than when they played that day. I don't know if it was due to the small room, the PA or if it was solely because VVovnds are VVovnds and VVovnds play some nasty noisy-ass hardcore punk. If I remember right, they didn't even have a bass player back then. They blew me away, but not really in a good way, to be honest. I just wasn't ready at that time, I guess, haha. Fast forward a year I heard that one of my favorite recent bands, Sex Drive, was going to release a split 7" with them, so I thought I'd give them another try. This time I actually really liked what I heard, noisy powerviolence influenced hardcore punk with 'moshy bits' and some really cool overly reverbed vocals. I hope I'll be able to catch them live again and this time let them blow me away in a good way.
This download includes their demo, their side of the split with Sex Drive (for the SD side click here) and their one sided 7". As always, if you like it, go and buy it.
Thanks to Kristof for sending me their stuff and also sorry that it took me so long to post it.


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